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Niche publication writer upset her columns don't get mainstream attention

via NBC News

Keli Goff, a columnist at The Root and a frequent guest on MSNBC, is upset that her writings don't get more attention.

via NBC News

"It is troubling that minority publications are so devalued in the political and media world," Goff wrote in a column Monday regarding a recent controversial Politico piece that was critical of Michelle Obama. "I’ve published multiple columns on Michelle Obama on The Root reiterating the same arguments that are in the Politico piece and received nary a peep from anyone. But apparently because the arguments were published in Politico they became worthy of mainstream debate. Good to know if you are minority writer and want to be taken seriously by mainstream media (and apparently high-level supporters of the Obama administration) you need a white writer at a white publication to make the case for you."

What's a girl gotta do to get noticed?

Actually, if you're a minority writer and want to be taken seriously by mainstream media, it helps to simply get a mainstream publisher.

Here's the first sentence of The Root's "About Us" section (emphasis added): "The Root is the premier news, opinion and culture site for African-American influencers."

This would be like Sean Hannity getting huffy about not being invited to guest anchor the "Today" show.

For Goff to garner mainstream influence, we direct her to the New York Times (where Charles Blow is black and a lead columnist) or the Washington Post (where Eugene Robinson is black, a little weird and also a lead columnist).

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