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A life-changing book that you can read in 30 minutes


The power of thought.

On today’s Glenn Beck radio program, Glenn recommended a book that you can read in less than an hour that “will change your life.” The title is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

The book, whose title comes from the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7 (“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”), first published in 1902 focuses on the power of man’s thoughts and words – that man can raise himself with virtuous ones or lower himself with debased ones.

Glenn referenced the title in context of a monologue on the power of the individual, in which he declared:

"If everybody just does what they’re supposed to do, we win. Stand where you are supposed to stand. Do exactly what you are supposed to do. Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you’re crazy, that it can’t be done…We are Moneyball…We’re all the little guys. But if everyone does exactly what they’re supposed to do, we win. Don’t let anybody convince you differently…There is power in words. There is power in ideas. Real power. The right words lift up. The wrong words destroy you. May I urge that if you have never read As a Man Thinketh, please do."
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