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Fiery Pastor Doesn't Mince Words on What Young Men Today Need to Hear: 'Stop Smiling, Because You're the Joke


"Nobody just tells them that, but that's exactly what they need..."

Pastor Mark Driscoll (TheBlaze TV)

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wa., is well-known for not mincing words when it comes to sharing the gospel. On the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, the author of "A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future?” singled out one audience in particular: young men.

Driscoll said that many who attend his church are college educated, young, and single - but there is a particular opportunity to impact the males.

"Today, the average guy who's in his twenties is less likely than the average woman to go to college, to have a degree, upon graduation to have a job, to go to church, even to have a driver's license," he began.

Driscoll explained how he read an article explaining that many single, young men would prefer to play video games, text, and download porn on their phones while taking a bus than drive themselves.

Pastor Mark Driscoll speaks with Glenn Beck on Dec. 4, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"So guys have no vision of future, career, no intent of taking a gal on a date, maybe to get a wife out of the deal, maybe have a kid," he said. "You can't take 'em to little league, can't go pick up your groceries..."

When Beck asked Driscoll what he says to such men, Driscoll responded strongly: "You've got to tell them that they're wrong! That they're absolutely wrong, and they have no idea what they're doing. And that the culture has sold them a bunch of products, and it's just trying to make them addicted to porn and pot and substances and to take all the money out of their wallet...because the fool's parade keeps going to the ATM and handing away their future."

Driscoll described many of the "men" today as "boys who can shave."

"Nobody looks at these guys and says, 'You didn't have a dad. You're addicted to porn. You don't have a clue. You don't have a plan. You're part of the problem. Stop smiling, because you're the joke,'" Driscoll remarked."Nobody just tells them that, but that's exactly what they need..."

Beck seemed shocked that a pastor would say such things to his constituents, but Driscoll said people who have never been spoken to in such a way often come back with friends. Other times they come back to protest, he conceded, but come around eventually.

"No one else is doing it," he said simply. "The world is just filled with noise, and if you can cut against the grain, say something in a different tone with different content ... initially you're offended by it ... but now I'm interested because maybe, maybe I've been lied to. Because my thing ain't working ... maybe the bus I'm on is headed over a cliff and it's a good time to consider getting off."

Watch the clips below for more from the show. The first deals with the material discussed above, and the second revolves around the issue of tolerance.

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