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Christmas Guide' Ranks Companies Based on Their Respect for Bible-Based Values


"...actively supporting companies that align with your biblical faith and values."


Millions of Americans are so devout in their Christian faith that they regularly seek out businesses and companies that align with their biblical worldview, according to research conducted by Faith Driven Consumer, a project that rates just how "faith-friendly" popular retailers are.

The group, which estimates that there are 46 million faith-based consumers in the U.S., is out with its annual "Faith Driven Consumer Christmas Guide," a report that offers insight into companies that are seen as aligning with the Christian faith and those that need improvement.

"With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to stock up the pantry, scout out the sales and spend time with the ones you love," the group said in a release announcing the report. "It’s also a great time to be a good steward and match your wallet to your Christian worldview by actively supporting companies that align with your biblical faith and values."

Image source: Faith Driven Consumer

The new Christmas report ranks 43 holiday retailers "according to their sensitivity to a faith-driven worldview on a five star scale."

As TheBlaze previously reported, each company is categorized based on its stance on an array of issues, including the sanctity of human life; wholesome entertainment; non-pornographic materials; charitable nature; sexuality and the family; and corporate responsibility, among others.

This season, the companies that are most friendly to those with biblical values are DaySpring, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk, Foot Locker, Kohl’s, Lowe’s and Michaels.

Microsoft, Sony, Visa and Costco are among those on the "needs improvement" list.

Just a few of the companies listed in the new report (Image source: Faith Driven Consumer)

Faith Driven Consumer founder Chris Stone told TheBlaze he's hoping Americans will be able to use the guide to facilitate a "win-win situation" in which they can get the items and products they need while feeling good about where they're shopping in the process.

"In the midst of what is often a hectic Christmas season, we're hoping to offer folks the peace of mind that comes with wise stewardship decisions," Stone said. "So, when the kids are excitedly tearing open their presents on Christmas morning, mom and dad can feel good knowing that they've blessed their children -- while their hard-earned dollars went to companies that welcome and respect the real reason for the season."

With the organization's research showing that there are tens of millions of Christian consumers in America -- individuals whose faith profoundly impacts their life -- Stone believes that there is a faith-based demand in the marketplace that many businesses will inevitably, if they're not already, respond to.

These results may seem similar to the American Family Association's "Naughty or Nice" list. While there are some comparable attributes, Faith Driven Consumer's reports are based on a massive, multifaceted study the group conducted into Christian consumers' motivations.

“[We] looked for people who self-identified as Christian. When you asked them a deeper question: Do you do anything in your life that manifests that — do you pray, go to church, etc., a significant number fell out,” Stone told TheBlaze earlier this year.

At that point, he said that 60 percent of the Christian pool remained. From there, researchers asked more in-depth questions to further dig down into the most faith-driven among the masses.

In the end, they determined that 15 percent of Americans qualify under this label, as faith has a significant impact on their daily decision-making. Now, Stone is taking this knowledge and using it to help businesses and consumers, alike over at FaithDrivenConsumer.com.

You can read more about the group's research here.



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