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Inexperienced,' 'Powerless' and 'Timid': This May Not Be What MSNBC Expected to Hear from a Focus Group Grading Obama


"It’s like the economy is just sitting still."

A focus group conducted by Democratic pollster Peter Hart found that disappointment in President Barack Obama is running high among some of his previous supporters, MSNBC reported Monday.

The focus group’s sharp criticism of President Obama would seem to keep in line with his recent record-low polling numbers.

The focus group was comprised of 11 “independent” or “independent-minded” voters in Ohio. Of those 11, eight voted for President Obama in the 2012 election.

Of those eight, not a single one said they were “proud” or “satisfied” with how he has handled his presidency. Rather, the group used words like “inexperienced,” “powerless,” “cautious,” “timid,” and “overwhelmed" to describe the president.

“I was really excited going into his first term. His first term was certainly a disappointment,” one group member told Hart.

“He’s a big disappointment. He’s not focused on creating more jobs, fixing the economy, getting things going again, making people more prosperous. It’s like the economy is just sitting still,” said another participant.

(H/T: Washington Free Beacon)


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