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Here's What Happened After a Comedian Decided to Pull a Prank on the Cops


"Wasn't worth it. I'm an idiot..."

Los Angeles based comedian Randy Liedtke decided to pull a prank on police this week — but it doesn't appear things turned out so good for him.

Liedtke announced on Twitter Sunday that he had baked some "iPhone cookies to trick cops" into pulling him over. In California, it is illegal to talk on the phone and drive without using a hands free device.

The comedian then apparently intentionally drove by police officers with the iPhone shaped cookie in his hands, hoping they'd pull him over. One officer did and things did not seem to go so well for Liedtke.

He live-tweeted his experience, which appeared to culminate with him ultimately ending up in police custody over some allegedly unpaid parking tickets.

Here are the comedian's tweets:

(H/T: Yahoo! Shine)


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