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This Family's Rap Video Puts All Christmas Cards to Shame


“The kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas."

Instead of penning a typical family newsletter and sticking it into dozens of Christmas cards, a North Carolina family donned red and green pajamas and filmed a rap video, detailing what happened in 2013 not only to their family and friends, but to the whole Internet world.

xmas jammies Image source: YouTube

The Holderness family's "#Xmas Jammies" is, as dad Penn Holderness sang in the video, "2013 in review, video Christmas card part II."

"Check it out, we just brought a Prius V and it matches these (the jammies) perfectly," the song, to the tune of Will Smith's "I'm going to Miami" went.

xmas jammies Image source: YouTube

Lola, their daughter, we learn, participated in a kiddie triathlon, "she can count to 100 in Chinese and can read books as thick as these."

xmas jammies Image source: YouTube

Penn Charles, their son, is in a superhero phase, he played a Native American in the school play and took a hip hop class

xmas jammies Image source: YouTube

Kim (a.k.a. mom) got a part in "Iron Man 3" and she ran an actual Iron Man race.

And what about Penn Sr.?

"There's room for child number three," he rapped, pointing to a two-seat stroller. "But I can't, I just had a vasectomy."

xmas jammies Image source: YouTube

"Well I think that maybe we should end with a multiple choice of what happened to Penn," mom rapped.

"A) Ran the same race as me. B) Had a tiny role in 'Iron Man 3' … C) Quiz the governor about his first term, D) Hurt his knee while doing the worm. E) Take up CrossFit and fall in love. Well, the answer is F) all of the above," she rapped. "But the biggest thing is what happens next, he's stepping off the anchor desk. It's the biggest decision of his life, he's going to quit his job and come work with his wife."

"We'll be making videos just like these for politicians and companies," the song continued. "And we'll do it in these jammies -- in these Christmas jammies."

Watch the clever video:

ABC News got more of a scoop into the video:

I think it’s a pretty honest look and a pretty ridiculous look into the craziness of a modern family,” Kim Holderness told ABCNews.com of the video’s appeal.  “We’re acting like fools and I’m guessing people like to see other people making fools of themselves.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” said Holderness, who added it took the family about half-a-day and 12 hours of editing, done by Penn, to complete the video.

“The kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas,” she said.  “They had a blast.”

The company both parents will now work for, Greenroom, includes a team of former journalists and producers helping clients with various social and viral services.

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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