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Insane Video Has People Asking: If a Woman Hits a Man, Is It Ever OK for a Man to Hit Back?


"Honestly I wish he taught her a lesson and laid her out."

Image source: YouTube raw video

Here's an explosive, expletive-filled confrontation between a woman and a man captured on video that has people from both genders debating if it's ever acceptable for a man to retaliate in kind if he's hit by a woman.

The woman in the clip is the clear aggressor (though it's unclear what happened before the video), but rather than walking away the man stays put in the parking lot and continually tells the woman, "Get away from me!" and at times hits back:

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

Here's part one of the clip (content warning -- a great deal of swearing and some violence lies ahead):

And here's video round two (again, be warned -- you might find the material offensive):

The situation has generated quite the discussion thread on Reddit:

  • "He shows remarkable self restraint."
  • "Agree. Such people kinda deserve to get knocked out. Sort of sad he didn't punch her hard enough."
  • "I don't think it's against the law to hit a woman after you ask her a hundred times to get away from you and then she strikes you first."
  • "I believe in the rule to never hit a woman first but if she starts throwing fists and connects with my face, she now voids my no hitting policy. Easy rule of thumb, don't hit people and you won't get hit back. Even a child knows to keep their hands to themselves."

Now for some context: The videos were posted on YouTube by Elisabeth Dobecky, who says the woman and man attended the same high school in North Carolina, then by chance moved into the same apartment complex in Lynnwood, Wash. — in fact, "right across from each other."

Dobecky wrote on YouTube that she lived above the pair and that when the man wasn't included in social activities, he became jealous and the conflict escalated and "his mere presence would set her off."

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

After the incident, Dobecky wrote that police did get involved but no one was arrested and the women in the clip were attempting to take the man to court. Despite the woman's repeated claims that the man had been stalking her, Dobecky said that wasn't the case.

Dobecky's claims haven't been verified, and TheBlaze contacted the Lynnwood police regarding the incident, but they didn't have information about it.

In the end, Dobecky backs the man in the clip: "The gentlemen in the video could have, yes gotten in his car and left but I see absolutely nothing wrong with him hitting her. Honestly I wish he taught her a lesson and laid her out."

Dobecky added that she was in the Marines (as was the man in the clip, she claims) and "[can't] stand women who put men in these positions. If you want equal rights and to act like a men [sic] then expect to be treated as one and don't be surprised when you get hit like one."

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