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This new TV spot from Old Spice is an early contender for 2014's 'creepiest commercial' award.

Image: YouTube

In a matter of two days, a new TV commercial from the folks at Old Spice has gotten a lot of attention in the social media world. Almost instantly after it was posted online or seen on TV, tweets and re-tweets appeared on Twitter, "shares" on Facebook and loads of instant messages started flying around the web.

The spot started showing up this weekend, just in time for college football bowl games and the NFL playoffs. It's an Old Spice commercial called "Momsong."

Image: YouTube

The musical spot features a host of women who are portraying moms lamenting the fact that their sons have started the transition from being boys, to being men…and it's all (apparently) triggered by an Old Spice product called  Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray.

Image: YouTube

One after another, the moms suddenly appear in the commercial - often coming between their sons and a girl…popping up on the beach, from under the sand.

Image: YouTube

There's even a mom riding a laundry basket being dragged behind her son's car.

Image: YouTube

Finally, the creepiest mom in the spot (IMHO) was this one - the mother who was hiding in the curtains!

Image: YouTube

In the end, the lesson here (at least the lesson we took from the spot) -- Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray makes you thin and irresistible.

Watch the commercial.

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