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Dad Transforms Boring, Old Sandwiches Into Awesome Works of Art for His Kids' Lunches


"A different kind of love note from a parent to their children."

You might have been embarrassed to find a loving note scribbled on a napkin in your lunchbox back in the day, but David LaFerriere's kids have nothing to worry about when they open their lunches. Instead of Xs and Os, their dad sends them to school with works of art.

These are no elementary school kids either. LaFerriere told TheBlaze his sons are in their teens and they still appreciate his doodles.

LaFerriere, a Massachusetts-based graphic designer and illustrator, began drawing on his sons' plastic sandwich baggies in 2008 and has been doing so ever since, without skipping a doodle.

"I always do them just after making the sandwiches," LaFerriere told TheBlaze. "Occasionally, I may have an idea the night before but the drawing is done after the sandwich."

LaFerriere's doodles range from holiday-themed to whimsical to serious topics like battling against waste.

Overall, LaFerriere wrote that he thinks his art has an "emotional draw." He called it "a different kind of love note from a parent to their children."

Even if his sandwich bag drawings never went viral, LaFerriere said he would still be making them for his boys.

"Heck, I had been doing them for over four-years when they started to get noticed around the world," he wrote. "Bottom line: the attention just shows people that taking a little bit of time each day for your kids can have an impact."

LaFerriere has gained enough attention that he's even been featured by Flickr. Check out his video on Flickr's website.

Check out more of LaFerriere's drawings on Flickr, too.

(H/T: Distractify)



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