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Mom Humbles Foul-Mouthed Son in a Very Unconventional Way



A Houston mom disciplined her son recently for swearing at his teacher by making him publicly announce his wrongdoing.

A Houston mom made her son announce publicly that he misbehaved in school (image source: screen grab)

The mom told KTRK-TV “she wanted him to learn a lesson, but various punishments didn't seem to have an impact.”

Then it hit her: Humility.

So the mother decided to make her son stand on a Houston sidewalk holding a sign that read, "I was suspended from school for cussing out my teacher."

Don't worry, the 12-year-old was supervised the entire time:

“The single mother says she took inspiration from Congressman Ted Poe, who formerly served as a judge in Harris County. Poe gained national fame for unusual criminal sentences involving thieves carrying signs in front of store from which they stole and often public apologies for crimes,” KTRK-TV reported.

And the mom’s unique form of discipline was apparently a hit. In fact, according to the mom, she received a lot of support from passing motorists and pedestrians.

On top of the sign punishment, the 12-year-old boy was also suspended for a day from Parker Intermediate School in Harris County, Texas, for his foul-mouthed antics.


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