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G**damned cab': Geraldo gets in depressing car wreck, takes selfie and tells us about it

Credit: Twitter @GeraldoRivera

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera has only just barely emerged from the hospital after having corrective surgery on his foot and here he is in a car accident.

Credit: Twitter @GeraldoRivera

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Rivera alleged that a taxi collided with his Bentley, calling the cab "the perpetrator" and his Bentley "the victim." He and the cab driver appear to have been attempting to navigate the treacherous New York City traffic one day after heavy snowfall hit the Northeast.

Rivera told TheBlaze Blog that he normally wouldn't have been driving at the time, but the car company that typically picks him up to drop him off at the station for his radio show called to say it was running four hours behind schedule. He decided to try the commute himself.

Rivera explained the rest to us:

"So, figuring this cold and icy morning that there would be no cabs, I pulled my eight-year-old Bentley out of the garage; successfully navigated the still unplowed streets of the Upper East Side (lots of complaints that the more affluent areas of town were the last plowed in the new mayor Bill de Blasio’s first chapter in the Tale of Two Cities); drove down semi-plowed 5th Ave; got in front of the N.Y. Public Library; a G**damned cab stopped short in front of me; I slid on an icy patch and whacked my first right, his left rear fender.

As Rivera is wont to do, he snapped a selfie of the incident. "The selfie I really wish I never took," he tweeted. "My old Bentley bashed by a cab on 5th Ave." With the tweet was a photo of him, unshaven, next to his damaged vehicle.

Replies from Rivera's followers were less than sympathetic.

"At least your [sic]wearing clothes," one follower said, referring to Rivera's infamous half-nude selfie from last summer. "You're a mess," said another reply.

Rivera then tweeted a photo of his car on its own, corner-front bumper smashed, followed by a photo of the cab with its left tail-end damaged from the collision.

He still made it on time for his radio show on wabcradio.com at 10 a.m. ET.

We're glad Rivera is okay. Our condolences to the Bentley.

The wreckage:

Credit: Twitter @GeraldoRivera

Credit: Twitter @GeraldoRivera

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