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World's Dumbest Criminals': Four Teens Arrested After They Make Epic Mistake


"They got ‘em and waited until the officers got there and arrested them."

Four teens were arrested in Denver after they tried to sell stolen merchandise back to the person they robbed.

Lacinda Robinson said thieves broke into her home in January and stole her son’s birthday and Christmas presents.

“I walked in and seen my kitchen window was busted. The kitchen window was busted out, I walked back out immediately,” Robinson said, referring to the moment when she discovered that thieves had stolen her son’s PlayStation console and games.

She immediately called 911 and was instructed by the dispatcher to go to a nearby McDonald’s.

“I pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot, two young guys approach my car and ask if I wanted to buy a PS3. I said, ‘Oh no that’s OK’ thinking nothing of it. The third one walked out of the McDonald’s. I noticed he was wearing a jacket that belongs to me.”

She left the parking lot and headed into a nearby gas station where found two off-duty police officers and told them what had just happened.

“They got ‘em and waited until the officers got there and arrested them,” she said.

Four arrests were made, but law enforcement officials were unable to recover all of Robinson’s stolen goods.

“They took my tablet, my phone, my Xbox 360 and games from that,” the woman’s 10-year-old son, Xavier, said.

The mother was shocked that the four suspects actually stayed around in her neighborhood for as long as they did.

“I was pretty happy, I mean I kind of thought it was funny like these guys are going to be on ‘World’s Dumbest Criminals.’ I mean you gonna’ steal something and then wear it, that is crazy in the same area.”

“I am just thankful. Hopefully they got the message and won’t do it again,” she says.

All four defendants are younger than 17 and will be charged as juveniles with second degree burglary, a felony, KDVR-TV reported:


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