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I Cannot Bow Down to Islam': Watch School Board Member's Seriously Mind-Boggling Rant on 9/11 'Codes', George W. Bush


"No, I cannot bow down to Islam."

Screengrab via WFTV

During the Marion County School Board’s regular meeting in Florida this week, the vice chair of the board shocked parents and colleagues when she went on a bizarre rant about cracking a “code” related to 9/11 and sending it to former President George W. Bush.

Angie Boynton’s comments came at the end of the meeting and has left other board members concerned for her. For about five minutes, she spouted mind-boggling and cryptic comments while looking directly at the camera.

"There is someone watching this television show tonight that would like me to respond to questions for them," she began. “I do believe that God is greater than any concern that you have sent to me.”

Screengrab via WFTV Screengrab via WFTV

She then told told whoever she was addressing that “you don’t have my daughter hostage.”

“She is safe,” Boynton continued, later adding, “And I will say, I think it was quite rude to threaten me in any matter shape or form with my daughter."

Citing the military background in her family and her "country" background, she said "No, I cannot bow down to Islam." Boynton said she doesn't want to offend, but that she will continue to "talk through it."

Later in the strange address, the school board member proclaimed that she “met with Ahmed” and he understood that she will “walk away from any conversation that is deadly.”

At about 4 minutes in, things got really weird when Boynton started talking about cracking a code related to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and sending it it to President Bush.

“I broke a code and sent it to George Bush, the president, former President George Bush,” she said. “But I also sent it to former Gov. Jeb Bush. And I think that my actions in breaking that code down, coming where I’m from, will let you know that it was about 9/11 — you are going to get sketchy thoughts and I’m not able to talk to anyone about it and the police aren’t able to come near me, and they should continue their stance with that.”

Before concluding, Boynton again noted that “someone” wanted to hear her talk about these things on TV.

“I hope I pleased you,” she added. “And my daughter is safe.”

“Fellow board members sat in what some described as stunned silence,” WFTV reports. School board chair Bobby James said Boynton's wellbeing is their greatest concern and revealed she told him she is working through some issues.

Watch the raw video here:

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