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Guy’s ‘First Kiss’ Prank on Club Bouncer Goes Horribly, Painfully Wrong


"That is when I approach 2 bouncers at the wrong time..."


The moral of this story: Don’t try to kiss a random stranger on the street in pursuit of a viral video — especially if that person is a club bouncer much larger than you.

(YouTube) (YouTube)

That’s the painful lesson a YouTube prankster learned the hard way for his Valentine’s Day-themed “First Kiss” prank.

“After filming my Valentine's Day video and getting all girls reactions, I decide to get some from the guys. That is when I approach 2 bouncers at the wrong time,” the video description on the “AverageBroTV” YouTube channel reads.

When the prankster leaned in for the “first kiss” with the bouncer, he caught a clean uppercut instead. It’s hard to feel too bad for him as the bouncer made it clear he was in no mood for a kiss.

The now-viral video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday and had more than 250,000 views as of Thursday night:

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