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Without Context, This Video Makes It Look Like a Bomb Went Off in NY Restaurant


Video obtained by the New York Post shows what happened after a speeding city-operated snow plow reportedly slammed a “mountain of ice” into a Queens restaurant. The impact shattered windows, injured customers and caused $50,000 of damage.

Without knowing the facts of the incident, the incredible surveillance video from the restaurant makes it look like a bomb may have exploded. Watch:

Peter Kambitsis, the owner of Exo Cafe, told the Post he gets “more upset” every time he watches the video.

“The plow came at tremendous speed, picking up huge chunks of ice and debris along with the snow, launching all of it through the vestibule in the front,” he explained.

Following an investigation, the Department of Sanitation is taking disciplinary action against the equipment operators, agency chief Keith Mellis said.

“Kambitsis must now  replace nine broken window panes, locks and an awning,” the report adds.

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