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A dip into the pool reports: Biden 'not bragging' about being 'significant consumer of healthcare

Credit: AP Photo/Jim Mone

Credit: AP Photo/Jim Mone Credit: AP Photo/Jim Mone

From a White House pool report on Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Minneapolis, Minn., Wednesday to promote "Obamacare":

Biden greeted cafe staff and customers before sitting down with Rachel Lozano, Julie Peck, Karen Kepple and Anna Olson Racer, all who have either benefited from the Affordable Care Act or are helping others get signed up.

"Don't get up," he said when they stood to greet him.

Biden sat down and leaned in, speaking quietly, his hoarse voice difficult to hear over the din of the cafe.

"Look, thank you for what you're doing," he told them, adding that between a serious car accident and brain aneurysm, "I've been a significant consumer of healthcare, and I'm not bragging about it."

During those hospital stays, "All I kept thinking about was 'Thank God I had all this insurance."

It's worth noting that Biden's aneurysms, two of them he had in the 1980s, were not treated with insurance coverage under "Obamacare."

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