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This Is Sick and Twisted': Blaze Readers Respond to 'Is Gun Confiscation on the Way in Connecticut?



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TheBlaze posted a story last week about rumored letters from the state of Connecticut addressed to gun owners who failed to register assault weapons according to a new law.

TheBlaze confirmed that a letter has been drafted by the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit of the state's Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, but no letters have been sent yet.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the issue:


Who would have ever thought that in a state that was a major player in the founding of this nation would resort to starting the 2nd American Revolution with their oppression of law abiding citizens? MOLON LABE!


Let's just say of the thousands who didn’t register 80% will comply with this letter. That stills leaves a few thousand at least that the state will have to use heavily handed jackboot enforcement on...this could get messy. Hopefully all will not comply, which will really screw with their minds…don’t think Conn. has enough jails for all.


How can they be sending letter to people who have unregistered weapons, unless they are already registered? The state isn't supposed to know that they have those weapons, yet they do.

I guess those background checks are more than just background checks.


Every state needs to petition the recall process into law. That way if we the people have representatives and government officials who continually ignore their constituents, they can be removed from office! This is a very serious 2nd amendment violation.

To think that these lawmakers and state officials believe that the criminals will abide by these laws blows my mind. I swear, common sense is an extinct creature with most dems!!! Unreal!!!

Snowleopard {gallery of cat folks}

Gun grab, pure and simple — and anyone stupid enough to try and turn in a gun to the state will be summarily arrested for criminal activities and duly convicted to"make examples of them."


I personally don't care who owns what kind of gun as long as it's secured and not readily available to people who may burglarize your home or your teenage son.

Even super conservative Scalia said the right to bears arms is not unlimited and subject to reasonable restraints.

The 2nd amendment starts off stating the right to bear arms applies for the purpose of a well-armed militia, which I would equate in today’s terms as the National Guard for each state.

I think registering semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines is smart and reasonable in an effort to track how the gun got into a murderer's hands.


So let me get this straight?

Officials are reportedly notifying gun owners who submitted late applications that they have one last chance to get rid of their “illegal” weapons.

One of the options is to sell the assault weapon or high-capacity magazine. Hmm.

So the government is telling people to sell illegal weapons and/or magazines….

Yep! Sounds about right to me!


if i lived in there i would give them my rifle and all my ammo bullets first. but also if you have someone in another state who you can “sell” the guns to or family in another state, then they can’t touch them. then when you move, those people can sell them back to you.


This is not only a attack on the second amendment, it is also an infringement on fifth amendment rights stating if government takes property away that compensation must be paid. Also this law retroactively makes legal activity illegal, which is prohibited by the Constitution.


I’m sure they’ll go over everyone who’s paid for the background check and received their license to carry. They will use random searches of each licensee to see if they own one of these “illegal” firearms. What’s sickening on top of the basic infringement on their rights is that any officer would enforce this law. This is sick and twisted and not any part of this law would’ve stopped the school shooting. Commie states of America.


As a former police officer who has taken an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, this letter is offensive and out of line — so is this illegal liberal law! I say if you want me to surrender my weapons, COME AND TRY TO TAKE THEM FROM ME! I am just glad that I do not live in this Communist State or it would not end well for anyone who would attempt to disarm me! I think we are at the point in our warped society that we need to stand up to tyrants and show them that you cannot disarm our country and that there are people who will fight to defend freedom. I am in this country because Adolf Hitler killed most of my family that I never met; I will be dammed if it happens here in this country!


Please remind me how gun registration would have prevented Sandy Hook? Adam Lanza was a [nut] and the real reason for the Sandy Hook tragedy. Registration of a gun is pointless!


What most people don’t understand is this is nothing but entrapment. Keep in mind we already have strict gun registration laws (that they apparently can’t figure out how to follow). So ‘re'-registering just sets you up to fail if you don’t. They already know what everyone has. The moment you didn’t send your paperwork on this last anti-American law, they’ve got your name on their radar.


OK before we lock and load, you should do a little fact checking. I called CT, and spoke to the Division of State Police, Special Licensing & Firearms Unit. They have sent out no such letters. I explained about the letter and what it was about and they assured me no such letters had gone out.

Did you notice there is no contact information on the letterhead? And that it came out the day after the deadline? Government NEVER works that fast. It's a fake letter; maybe someone is hoping for all the reactions that it would bring to use as an example of how we law-abiding firearms owners act when confronted with the possibility of this event. So for now, no need to get the ammo crates out. :)

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