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Watch How 10-Month-Old Baby Reacts Whenever He Sees This NBC Anchor


Many Americans have expressed their distrust of the mainstream media. However, 10-month-old baby Jude’s reaction to NBC’s Brian Williams is a little more extreme.

For whatever reason, the baby appears to be absolutely terrified of the newsman. Jude bursts into tears whenever Williams pops up on the screen.

(YouTube) (YouTube)

The baby has no problem with the sight of President Barack Obama or NBC’s Chuck Todd. However, the image of Williams is a surefire way to upset the child.

"We hate to do it but anytime brian williams [sic] comes on the tv he starts screaming until we turn it off," a YouTube user, who claims to be Jude’s parent, writes.

Watch the video below:

(H/T: HuffPost)

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