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Peggy Noonan wants John Kerry to stop tweeting


Former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan is mostly laudatory of State Secretary John Kerry's speech Tuesday regarding the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. But she'd really like him to get off Twitter.

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"It (the speech) was cluttered a bit at the top with personal emotionalism about how he feels about what he is seeing, how he feels about various aspects of the crisis," Noonan writes at the Wall Street Journal. "Sharing their feelings is what U.S. diplomats now think is necessary to convey real engagement and sincerity: I’m so upset, my heart is exploding and will soon deposit clumps of tissue all over your unmarked uniform. They should cut it out."

Noonan then went on about Kerry's social media habits. "They should also stop tweeting their emotional reactions to events. They’re diplomats. They’re supposed to be grownups. They’re supposed to be mature."

Presumably, Noonan is referring to any one of several tweets Kerry sent from Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday morning. "Incredibly moving visit to Shrine of the Fallen," one said. "Courageous, proud people.We stand with Ukrainians for self-determination."

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