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NBC Reporter Is NOT Amused When Crazy Guy Grabs the Mic and Says This... (UPDATE: Viral Video Is Apparently a Hoax)


UPDATE: As it turns out, the video is apparently a hoax -- created by some people with apparently nothing better to do.

Matthew Keys reports:

Several KNBC employees confirmed to The Desk on Saturday that “Tom Wrightman,” the reporter who appears in the video, does not work at KNBC. “I’ve never heard that name before,” one staff member said, adding that the anchor who later appears in the video (and expresses absolutely zero surprise at what apparently just transpired) also does not work at the station.

Tom Wrightman, a reporter with NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate, fell victim to the infamous video bomb this week when a crazy guy wearing a “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” grabbed his microphone and muttered a dirty word.

Though most of his mumbling is unintelligible, he can be heard saying an obscene word at the end. Wrightman does not look happy about it either.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, another person behind him invades the shot and throws his hands up in the air. That’s quite an unsuccessful live shot.

Watch the video below (Warning! Offensive language):

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