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Rumor Check: Are Connecticut Police Refusing to Enforce Gun Laws?


"We are not going to seize weapons... "


An Examiner article claims 250 law enforcement officers in Connecticut signed a petition not to enforce state laws on gun registration. But the article seems to dead-end after a five-minute internet search.

"I'm not even sure what laws they are talking about," Lieutenant Paul Vance, spokesman for the Connecticut State Police told TheBlaze. "I like it is likely fabricated ... there have been many organizations saying we are going out to seize guns - we aren't doing that, and anything like that is totally inaccurate."

w A blog post claimed 250 law enforcement officers signed a petition not to enforce gun laws in Connecticut (Shutterstock).

The story gained traction when Examiner contributor Anthony Martin quoted David Hardy in a story that claims less than twenty percent of Connecticut gun owners have registered their firearms, and that the supposed protesting law enforcement officers were joining in on the "civil disobedience":

"It is estimated that over 300,000 gunowners have practiced civil disobedience in refusing to register and give up the newly forbidden items. Only roughly 50,000 citizens in the state have complied.

But now these courageous citizens have key support in high places. With at least 250 law enforcement officers joining them in disobeying an unconstitutional law, the gunowners have a new weapon in their arsenal -- the support of hundreds of police officers."

 The Examiner article also quoted a post by Hardy (from, which claims a representative from a nearly untraceable organization had a "major" story coming out soon:

"A major news story on these developments is due to be published soon, but Hardy received an advanced notice via email from Tyler Jackson, the head of the Connecticut Peace Officers Association, the organization that sent the open letter."

"I've never heard of 'em," Chief Jack Daly, President of the Connecticut State Police Chief's Association, told TheBlaze.

The 12-year police chief from Southington says most firearms owners in the state don't have a problem with the laws.  "The majority of the people in this state realize that's the law of the land and this is what they have to do," Daly said.

But some Connecticut residents aren't as comfortable as the chief describes. Republican state Sen. Tony Guglielmo said one of his constituents informed him that some gun owners are intentionally taking part in “civil disobedience” because they feel the law is unconstitutional.

Hardy updated his blog post and blamed the inaccuracies on his travels schedule:

"Several commentors have noted they cannot find any Connecticut Peace Officers Association online... nor can I. I've emailed the person who emailed me on this, asking for info ... Until he responds, or does not respond, I'd treat this as a possible hoax. I would have done more digging except that when I posted I was on a plane, as part of 4,000-miles-in-36-hours trip." (sic)

w The Connecticut Police Chief Association President said most gun owners know the laws and "what they have to do," (Shutterstock).

Connecticut State law says if someone is in possession of an unregistered assault weapon or an undeclared high capacity magazine that they missed the rush or didn't file before the Jan. 1 deadline, they have a few options - like sell the gun or remove it from the state - but so far no word has come down about the state accepting late applications.

"We are not going to seize weapons," Vance reiterated, saying the front page of the Connecticut State Police website outlines recent legislation and regulations that relate to assault weapons and handguns.

Hardy told TheBlaze he is "probably 90 percent sure the story is false, because there doesn't appear to be a Connecticut Peace Officer association ... and the person who sent me the article did not address my question when I asked him if it was a hoax."

The Examiner did not respond immediately with a comment.


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