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Dana Loesch Takes Her 'Critically Acclaimed' Hate Mail Reading to a New Level


"Truth isn't mean; it's truth."

Dana Loesch holds a dramatic hate mail reading for 'Dana' airing March 21, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Every week, TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch reads her hate mail in comedic accents, which include everything from snooty Londoner to southern hillbilly.

But on Friday, not only did Loesch read the messages, she did it in front of a wall of mounted animal heads -- something that is certain to further enrage her critics. When she was done, Loesch discarded the messages by spearing them on a conveniently located antler.

Loesch jokes that the hate mail actually ends up padding her bank account, since she reads it on her television program. Oftentimes, Loesch adds, she donates the proceeds from her "critically acclaimed" hate mail readings to conservative causes close to her heart.

Watch the entire segment, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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