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Leaked: Four Key Details Directly From Judge's 'Huge' Custody Ruling in Justina Pelletier Case


"...placement of Justina in the conditional custody of her parents is not in her best interests at this time."


n a stunning decision Tuesday, a Massachusetts juvenile court judge ordered teenager Justina Pelletier into the custody of the state Department of Children and Families. Meanwhile, the girl’s parents plan to pursue all options to reverse the decision.

Judge Joseph Johnston’s ruling, which was published by the Boston Globe and also provided to TheBlaze anonymously, reveals the supposed reasoning behind the "huge" decision.

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Here are four key details from the document:

4. The judge argues that “credible psychiatric and medical evidence” suggests that Justina Pelletier suffers from a “persistent and severe Somatic Symptom Disorder,” not mitochondrial disease as she was diagnosed with previously.

Justina “is a child in need of care and protection… due to the conduct and inability of her parents, Linda Pelletier and Lou Pelletier, to provide for Justina’s necessary and proper physical, mental, and emotional development,” the ruling states.


3. Justina’s parents “significantly hampered” DCF’s efforts to find a “suitable placement” for the girl, according to the ruling. The parents, obviously, want their daughter to come home with them instead.

“While Justina was at Children’s Hospital, the parents were verbally abusive to Justina’s hospital providers. Family members of other patients complained that Justina’s parents stated their children were being kidnapped by Children’s Hospital,” the ruling says. “They threatened to call the F.B.I. They called hospital personnel “Nazis” and claimed the hospital was punishing and killing Justina.”

The court also accuses the parents of using “profanity” directed at DCF personnel.


2. The judge has determined “placement of Justina in the conditional custody of her parents is not in her best interests at this time.”

Judge Johnston officially ordered Justina into the custody of DCF, “subject to the parties’ right to review and redetermination” six months from the adjudication on Dec. 20, 2013.


1. Psychological and clinical evaluations of Justina’s parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, are “necessary.”

However, the judge declined to order the evaluations to be conducted by the Boston Juvenile Court Clinic.

“These are evaluations, along with other services, that must be coordinated by the CT DCF for this Connecticut facility,” the order states.

Read the entire document here:

Justina Pelletier ruling

Mat Staver, attorney and founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, told TheBlaze's Liz Klimas on Tuesday that the Pelletiers will be allowed to file another motion with the court to try and obtain custody again through the legal system on May 25,

Read TheBlaze's initial report on the ruling here.

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