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Viral: UConn Fan Loses Shot at $100,000 in Seriously Heartbreaking Fashion


"Maybe someone who needs it more than I do is going to win because I won't."

Screengrab via Yahoo!/Bleacher Report

Following the NCAA national championship between UConn and Kentucky tonight, Corey Johnson could have won $100,000. He put together really impressive bracket for the Yahoo! Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.

When Johnson looked at his bracket, he realized he was tied for fourth place out of millions of people. The people who finish in the top 20 reportedly get $100,000.

As it turns out, his bracket is missing something very, very important: A winner.

Screengrab via Yahoo!/Bleacher Report Screengrab via Yahoo!/Bleacher Report

Though he claims he remembers clearly picking the University of Connecticut to win it all, “Corey’s Champion Bracket” is featured without a pick for champion. Now it will likely cost him any future winnings.

"I didn't leave it blank. I clicked something,” Johnson told Bleacher Report. “I clicked on the winner. I picked UConn to win. I live in Connecticut; I'm a UConn fan...I picked UConn to win. What's the point of making a bracket if you don't pick a winner?"

Following an viral article on Deadspin, Johnson was informed by his friends that he was “famous.” At that point, Johnson said he felt like a “loser.”

The UConn fan told Deadspin he would have used the $100,000 to pay for school, but admitted maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

"Maybe someone who needs it more than I do is going to win because I won't," he said.

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