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Do your own homework: 'For the Record' research for ‘Update’


You can watch all of the original episodes we're updating tonight on-demand under the Episodes section at "Resistance", "Unrestricted Warfare", "Who's Watching Washington?" and "Fallen Angel"

A new story by Sara Carter on a Ukrainian rock star who has faced death threats for speaking out against Putin.

The "Do Your Own Homework" page for the episode "Resistance"

The article shown in the episode where the German Finance Minister compared Putin to Hitler.

The article "Cyber Snake Plagues Ukrainian Networks" shown in the episode.

The report on economic warfare from the House Armed Services Committee referenced during the episode is not shown because it is classified.

Kevin Freeman's 2009 report "Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses"

Kevin Freeman's 2012 book "Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down The U.S. Stock Market And Why It Can Happen Again"

The book "Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan To Destroy America" written by two Colonels in the Chinese Army.

The Mandiant report investigating China's cyber espionage units.

Gen. Keith Alexander's testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. The clip shown in the episode starts at 20:15.

The "Do Your Own Homework" page for the episode "Who's Watching Washington?"

The report from Cause of Action that uncovered the White House's new restrictions on Freedom of Information Act requests. The original memo and the section on how it also applies to Congressional committee requests, GAO requests and judicial subpoenas are on page 2.

The records showing the cost of the Obama family vacations are archived here. The document shown in the episode pertains to their 2013 trips in Hawaii and Africa.

The full hearing on the crash of Extortion 17 from February 27, 2014.

A July 2013 report from Pew Research Center that found that America is more polarized than ever before.

Steve Greenhut is on Twitter: @StevenGreenhut

The official site of the Six Californias plan.

The California Legislative Analyst's report on the Six Californias plan.

The Jefferson Declaration Committee's official website. The group also has a Twitter account: @Jefferson_News

The State of Jefferson Party is on Facebook.

The articles on other movements across the country shown in the episode:

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