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Inside Edition' Reporter Reveals Why She Waited Until Marriage to Have Sex


"...young people are faced with an incredible level of pressure to get involved sexually very young."

Megan Alexander (Image via @MeganAlexander1/Twitter)

A television reporter on a popular news and entertainment show is speaking out about some very personal subjects: her Christian faith and a deliberate decision to wait until marriage to have sex.

Megan Alexander of "Inside Edition" recently penned a piece for Whoa Women magazine titled, "Marriage Still Matters," in which she described her decision to wait and gave advice to young people about how to forge healthy relationships.

Megan Alexander (Image via @MeganAlexander1/Twitter) Megan Alexander of "Inside Edition" (Image via @MeganAlexander1/Twitter)

"Most people are surprised that I decided to remain a virgin until I was married. I am reminded every day in my industry just how unpopular this decision is," she wrote, going on to encourage young people to stand firm in their values.

Alexander's story -- and her message -- were also the focus of a recent video profile on "Inside Edition" during which she and her husband, Brian, discussed their journey together.

Alexander, a Christian, told TheBlaze Monday that she made the decision to publicly share her views on virginity in an effort to help young people cope with the negative messages they are so often fed in media.

"The reason I wanted to do the magazine and then do the story on our show [is that] young people are faced with an incredible level of pressure to get involved sexually very young," she said.

Alexander said she wants to help teens and young adults realize that they can "value their bodies."

"My friends, they're in their 30s, 20s -- my friends that are teenagers -- they don't even know they can wait," she added.

Alexander, who married Brian in 2008, believes that waiting until marriage helped strengthen their relationship by laying solid groundwork.

"We were very good friends. We were best friends by the time we got married," she told TheBlaze.

Brian, who was not a virgin when the two married, said on "Inside Edition" that he had spent some time "redefining" who he was before their marriage. He eventually decided that he would also abstain from sex as the two placed the focus on other elements of their budding love.

"By waiting, we developed just really a great friendship," he said. "You know, we focused on other things in our dating life."

Watch the couple speak about marriage and virginity below:

You can read Alexander's article about marriage here.

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