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Bad: Car Sails Through Family's Home. Worse: How Many Times Something Similar Has Happened in the Last Two Years


"We’re asleep in bed and all of a sudden the house shakes."

Image source: KCBS-TV

A California father has had enough and is petitioning the city to do something about speeders and impaired drivers on his road after the fourth car in two years missed a turn and careened onto his property.

The latest incident was the last straw as the car actually hit the family's Highland home, not far from where an infant slept.

“What’s it gonna take? For a car to hit my house or someone to die? Well, last Sunday someone hit my house. Thank God no one died,” Jeff Sauerwein told KCBS-TV.

Last fall, a car hit the Sauerwein's gate, and in January a truck careened into their front yard. On Easter Sunday though in the early morning hours, a sedan slammed right through the home's stucco garage.

Image source: KCBS-TV Image source: KCBS-TV

“We’re asleep in bed and all of a sudden the house shakes. Sounds like a big explosion. We both jumped up. Me and my wife look at each other. We thought it was an earthquake," he said.

Instead, Sauerwein went outside to find a car embedded in his home.

Image source: KCBS-TV Image source: KCBS-TV

Watch KCBS' report:

Sauerwein told the news station that he has made repeated complaints to officials regarding the dangerous dead end on his road that requires drivers to make a hard right turn.

“No response, no email, no call back, we’ve got nothing,” he said.

But now, city officials are conducting a traffic study on the home's road, KNBC-TV reported. Depending on the study's results, new signs could be placed or a reduced speed limit might be enacted. Sauerwein suggested speed bumps.

Sauerwein, his wife, son and daughter are currently living in a hotel while contractors make extensive repairs to their home.

Jaysean Kornegeay was arrested by the county sheriff's department for hitting the Sauerwein's home, suspected of doing so while intoxicated, and trying to run away from the scene.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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