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He's About to Crash His Bike Going 140 MPH — and a GoPro Camera Captured It All on Video


"He hit his head on the car which knocked him unconscious...."

A new video posted online Monday shows a bike accident occur at an astounding 140 mph.

Footage of the crash was posted to Reddit by an individual claiming to be friends with the man involved in the crash. According to the him, the crash took place one year ago. He said the individual involved survived.

"He hit his head on the car which knocked him unconscious, so he had a part of his scalp removed for a few months. Since he was hit unconscious he didn't break any arms or legs, but he did break a few ribs. Lot's and lot's of road rash, even though he was wearing a jacket, helmet, and jeans," the Reddit poster said.

Watch the Video:

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