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The Story on TheBlaze That Glenn Beck Hated So Much He Called for the Author's 'Head on a Platter


"I want it right here on my desk."

"Oliver, you need psychiatric treatment and the company will pay for it," Glenn Beck joked this morning on his radio program.

The host was reacting to a headline and story I wrote over the weekend. The headline in question read, "Biden Mocks Himself in Hilarious Comedy Skit for White House Correspondents Dinner."

Apparently, Beck (as well as co-hosts Pat and Stu) did not find the sketch to be "hilarious." In fact, he found it anything but and immediately set off to learn who was responsible for writing the headline which he thought failed to deliver.

"It's Oliver Darcy. A good writer, a good employee and everything," Beck said. "And he's been great for TheBlaze. Past tense. Been great for TheBlaze — I want his head on a platter and I want it right here on my desk."

[sharequote align="center"]"I want his head on a platter and I want it right here on my desk."[/sharequote]

He then started tearing into the content of the story. "You won't want to miss the video," I had said.

"Yes, you do Oliver," Beck quipped, adding that the scene in the sketch featuring Michelle Obama was "absolutely awful."

"I want the headline changed. I want the damn headline changed. I want, 'Glenn Beck says If there's one video to avoid today, it's this video,'" he continued.

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In all fairness, I'll concede the sketch may have not been "hilarious" as I suggested. Maybe "cheesy" would have been a better term. But watching Biden star in a sketch where he essentially played the stereotypical version of himself did provide some laughs.

So, now we're curious what you think. Click here to watch the sketch and then let us know: Did you find it funny?

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