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Video: Dem Candidate’s Plan to Mock Republicans' 'Racist Record' Unravels When He’s Confronted by Black GOP Delegate


"My question to you is if you give them hoods, what would you give me?"


Rather than pass out Ku Klux Klan hoods as originally promised, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Brett Hulsey instead dressed in a homemade Confederate uniform and outlined Gov. Scott Walker’s “racist record” outside the state’s Republican convention last weekend.

However, Hulsey’s stunt came screeching to a halt when Pam Stevens, a black GOP delegate, confronted him over his misleading and offensive rhetoric.

“My question to you is if you give them hoods, what would you give me?” Stevens asked.

Looking slightly uncomfortable, Hulsey replied, “I just hope you would vote against secession.”

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In video of the exchange captured by the MacIver Institute, Stevens then tells the candidate that she was offended by his plan to hand out KKK hoods “based on the fact that the history of the Klan comes from the Democrat Party.”

Hulsey explained that Republicans have now adopted the racist policies of the KKK. He directed her attention to the handwritten sign he was holding and asked, “You know racial profiling?”

“You don’t have to ask me if I know racial profiling,” Stevens shot back.

Hulsey likely would like to forget what happened next.

“The Democratic Party is the party that’s constantly trying to put people on labels and in blocs and things like that,” Stevens lectured. “Your party is the party that’s trying to tell black families that they don’t know how to make choices to educate their children and that they have to stay in public education.”

The Democrat eventually ended the exchange so he could continue his gimmicky stunt.

In an email to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Hulsey attempted to dismiss Stevens with an offensive analogy about blacks and the GOP.

“A minority in the GOP is like a chicken at Colonel Sanders’ house,” Hulsey reportedly said. “They may feed you and let you crow a bit, but it does not end well.”

Stevens, who has reportedly been a GOP state delegate for four years, told the DCNF that Hulsey “believes he owns black people and we should all be on his plantation and like being repressed by him.”

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