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He Was Driving Down the Road When Something Caught His Eye That He Could Not Ignore


"...I couldn't do it."

A Michigan man was driving down the road this week when he spotted something — and he couldn't look away.

Within minutes, he was on the phone with his wife.

"I'm bringing home seven baby ducks!" he told her. "Hop online and figure out how we keep them alive."

The man, who posted his story to online community website Reddit, said he was headed home from a Grand Rapids mall when a group of baby ducks — who had huddled near a garage for warmth — caught his eye. Their mother was nearby dead.

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

"I passed them on the other side of the road and had a split second thought of, 'just ignore them, ducks die all the time.' But I couldn't do it," he wrote.

The man collected seven of the ducks — two he says ran away and could not be found — and put them in a box to take home.

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

His family purchased a heat lamp and other supplies to take care of the ducks until they could come up with a permanent solution.

"One tiny duck hotel with a heat lamp, check! I cleared a space in the corner of our garage and it was time for them to move in," he wrote, posting pictures of the baby ducks' new home online.

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

The Michigan man later updated Reddit, saying he had "tracked down a local, licensed wildlife rehab organization that was glad to take them in until they could be released back into the wild."

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