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Dog Gym: Guy Creates Innovative Way to Walk 10 Dogs at Once


"This is the way I exercise my dogs."

Image source: YouTube

Imagine the chaos of trying to exercise or walk nearly a dozen dogs.

That's probably why the YouTube user going by the name Dan Berber seems to have constructed a line of treadmills specially built for canines.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"This is the way I exercise my dogs. I started with one treadmill and now I have 10. Now my dogs have plenty of exercise," Berber wrote.

Check out the dog gym in this video:

Here's a closer look at one of the treadmills

It is unclear if these doggy treadmills are homemade, but store-bought versions are not unheard of.

A vet technician from Washington State University told the Seattle Times a couple of years ago that dogs can be safely trained to exercise on a a treadmill.

If you found this idea outlandish, it's actually not the most unusual animal on a treadmill that we've seen.

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