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Watch a Supersonic Pingpong Ball Absolutely Destroy the Paddle


And the fun was captured in super-slow motion.

Even the most skilled pingpong player couldn't return this strong of a serve.

John Huhn from the motion engineering department at Purdue University's College of Engineering captured this incredible slow-motion video showing what happens to a pingpong ball when it is fired at supersonic speeds at a paddle.

But the initial impact is just part of the fun.

The ball is moving so quickly and with such force it actually snaps the face of the paddle right off the handle.

"Here's a clip of a ball going through the paddle then breaking it off at the handle. This is at 30,000 frames per second," Huhn said.

Such fun. But since it's probably impossible to repeat this experiment at home, try these instead from Sick Science:

(H/T: Sploid)

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