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Phil Robertson's Latest Comments About Gays Rile Fans and Foes: 'I'm Trying to Help Those Poor Souls


"I agree with everything he said and I am liberal."

Phil Robertson

Fans and foes are reacting after "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson appeared at the "Rock the South" music festival in Cullman, Alabama, Saturday, where he discussed his famed reality show and reportedly doubled down on his controversial views on homosexuality.

"I'm actually a nice man. … I'm trying to help those poor souls and turn them to Jesus," Robertson purportedly said, according to

He also urged those in attendance to vote out the "ungodly" politicians currently serving in U.S. government.

"Whatever you do, whatever you do, go register to vote especially on this next presidential election," Robertson said. "Register to vote and you ought to register for the House and the Senate too. Get your tail down there and vote this ungodly bunch out of Washington, D.C."

Other portions of his appearance focused on "Duck Dynasty" and his belief that God gave animals to human beings to be used for food.

"God says we can whack 'em and stack 'em irregardless of all this political correct crap," he said, at one point quipping that he's the best duck hunter in his family.

Interestingly, Robertson told the crowd that he doesn't own a cell phone, a computer or a watch, among other items.

Watch a portion of his appearance below:

Reactions to his latest comments have been diverse.

"I agree with everything he said and I am liberal," said commenter Amanda Green. And user Bud4au added, "Preach it Phil...wish more men would."

Here are some of the other reactions swirling around Twitter:

This isn't the first time Robertson has doubled down on his homosexuality claims. In a church sermon he delivered in April, the reality show star defended himself and further described his biblical views.

And “Duck Dynasty” executive producer Deirdre Gurney also recently addressed the debate, saying that, though she was silent in the wake of outrage, she wanted to defend the reality star’s character.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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