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Campaign violence: Dem candidate shoots GOP elephant with a rifle in campaign ad


Estakio Beltran, a Democrat running for the House in Washington state, released a new campaign ad this week in which he points a rifle at a pink elephant symbolizing the Republican Party, and shoots off its tail.

"What happens to an elephant that stands around doing nothing for too long?" Beltran asks.

He then takes aim at a pink elephant piñata, and fires, clipping its tail. The dramatic music quiets down, and the candidate says:

"My name's Estakio Beltran," he says as he cocks the rifle, "and I approved this message."

Beltran's ad would likely make some of his possible House Democratic colleagues uncomfortable — many Democrats have called on Congress to pass legislation further restricting gun ownership rights, and some have even called on movies and TV shows to use more caution in how gun violence is displayed. These calls have come amid major shootings around the country over the last few years that have lead to dozens of deaths.

On Wednesday night, a gunman killed six people in Texas, including four children, before surrendering.

Beltran is running to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.). Several other Republicans are also running to fill the seat.

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