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Man Confronts Cop After Following Him on 'Reckless' Drive to Work: 'What Puts You Above the Law?


"If I did the same, I would get a ticket!"

Image source: YouTube

When you're late for work, you might consider pushing the pedal on the right a little harder before possibly deciding against it, fearing a speeding ticket.

But what a California man filmed shows what he thinks is a law enforcement officer using his position in a non-emergency situation to get to work on time.

"A Los Angeles County Sheriff's officer just past me at a very high speed. I decided to follow him and report it," a man going by Guicci007 on YouTube, who later identified himself as Lewis in the video, wrote. "Is it okay for you to break the law if you're late for work, officer? (If I did the same, I would get a ticket!)"

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"What puts you above the law?" he wrote.

Lewis followed the officer through several freeway connections to his final destination at what appears to be a branch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department where he confronted him.

"This sheriff guy is driving like a maniac, changing lines without turn signals … I don't know what his deal is," Lewis said in the video posted online last week, eventually pegging the license plate of the SUV as 1332779.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"There he goes again, changing lanes without a turn signal," Lewis narrated later. "He's been driving recklessly for a while. There he goes back to the left lane without turn signal. I wonder what his emergency is that he's been switching lanes back and forth."

Eventually, the SUV turned off the freeway and reached its final destination. At this point the officer, later identified as Rich, came over to speak with Lewis through the facility's chain-link fence.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Lewis asked him for a business card as he approached, informing Rich that he was following him for a while, watching him "turning left and right, speeding without signals and everything."

"I feel that you were driving recklessly, and I got you on video driving excessively, not putting your turn signal on and not even knowing if it was an emergency," Lewis said while the officer responded with a simple "OK."

"That's a pretty long way," the officer said.

"I feel really strongly if that would have been me, you would have pulled me over and given me a ticket," Lewis said. "I'm assuming you're not in an emergency, is that a fair assumption?"

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"I'm just driving to work," the officer said after a brief pause.

Lewis added, "when I'm late for work, I can't speed like that either."

The officer just responded with "OK," and the discussion from across the chain-link fence seemed to end amicably.

"Thanks, Rich," Lewis said.

"OK, no problem," Rich said.

Watch the whole incident:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department could not immediately verify the video but told TheBlaze it was looking into it.

In the comments, Lewis wrote that he was not the one operating the camera in car while driving. When he exited the vehicle to talk with the officer through the fence, it was clear that someone else did the filming.

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