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Wild Road Rage Incident Caught on Video Brings Out the Worst in Drivers: ‘I Got You on Video B**ch!’


"I got your license plate!"


An explosive exchange caught on video is going viral and reminding people everywhere that road rage can bring out the worst in some drivers.

Tom Parise posted the video footage that his dash and back window cameras — reportedly installed for insurance purposes — captured on Friday. The incident was seemingly put into motion when he attempted to change lanes ahead of a black Ford truck.

The driver of the truck then “slams on his horn and slams on his brakes.” Parise says he kept driving, hoping that the worst was over. However, the truck stayed on him and the video shows the driver seemingly throwing coins at Parise’s car.

Then things spun even more out of control when a woman exited the black Ford truck to scream at Parise and take a picture of his license plate.


“I got your license plate!” the woman screams.

“I got you on video b**ch!” Parise replies.

The woman then accuses him of almost killing her dog, an allegation Parise denies with more profanity.

Watch the video footage below via Break (Warning! Strong language):

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