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In 80 Seconds, Reason Takes Apart the Viral 'Mary Poppins' Minimum Wage Video


"Just three pages of econ..."

Dress Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins and have her sing a catchy parody touting the benefits of a $10.10 minimum wage — it's a ticket to viral success, but it's also ripe for rebuttal.

Reason Magazine's Remy had no trouble sweeping her arguments aside.

In a rebuttal video released Friday, Remy turned the lyric, "Just a three-dollar increase can make a living wage," into, "Just three pages of econ and perhaps your mind will change."

While championing voluntary exchange and the free market, Remy takes a jab at a company that doesn't pay wages at all (to interns): Funny or Die, the comedy outfit behind the original "Mary Poppins Quits" video.

The original video (content warning: some objectionable language):

And Reason's rebuttal:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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