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NFL Player's Interview Was So Weird a Reporter Said It Seemed Like He and Press Were Speaking Different Languages


"I’m just trying to be the best teammate I can be, you know."

Image: Comcast Sportsnet - Houston

Following a two-day absence from the Houston Texans' training camp, the team's Pro-Bowl running back Arian Foster returned Thursday. Foster was reportedly not at practice due to an injury he sustained on Sunday.

Image: Comcast Sportsnet - Houston Image: Comcast Sportsnet - Houston

When the workout ended, Foster chatted with reporters, but did not say much. Well, he did answer each one of the questions asked by the press that encircled him -- he just repeated the same basic answer, over and over.

USA Today's Nina Mandell covered the odd exchange between Foster and the press and described the scene, saying it "almost seemed like the two sides were speaking completely different languages," adding, "he likely avoided two things: Getting fined and saying anything."

The questions Foster was asked by the press, in order:

  • How do you feel? Were you 100 percent out there today?
  • Physically, you’re good to go?
  • Arian, can you tell us exactly what kept you out, what was going on?
  • What was physically wrong with you?
  • What did it mean to be able to get back out here and start working, Arian? And get back with your teammates?
  • Your teammates talk about how they want to see you out here. They know what you mean to this ballclub. What does all that stuff mean to you, Arian?
  • Is your body starting to break down?
  • How’s that coming, Arian, your progress with being a better teammate?
  • What do you think about these fans going crazy for you guys?
  • Is there any difference in the way you felt physically, feel stronger?
  • What was the offseason like, working at your brother’s facility, different than other previous seasons?

Each one of those questions was met with a variation of the same answer from Foster, "I’m just out here trying to be the best teammate I can be and I’m gonna work hard at doing that."

Watch the very strange media encounter:

(H/T: USA Today)


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