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Stealing Camper in the Middle of the Night Should've Been Easy Pickings. Except for the 75-Year-Old Owner Sleeping Inside It — and His Handgun.


"It would make a good scene for a movie."

Image source: KHOU-TV

After enduring a number of burglaries at his residence, 75-year-old James Brown decided he might do himself and his property some good by getting a little closer to the action.

So for the last few months he's been sleeping in his camper trailer outside his home in Liberty County, Texas.

Image source: KHOU-TV Image source: KHOU-TV

And wouldn't you know that around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday Brown awoke to some strange noises.

Brown got up to take a look, and sure enough he saw what appeared to be a man and woman trying to steal his camper.

"They were getting it prepared to hook up to take off," Brown told KHOU-TV in Houston.

Image source: KHOU-TV Image source: KHOU-TV

Power to the camper — which was parked by itself next to a building on his property, Brown confirmed to TheBlaze — was cut off as well, leaving the occupant barely able to see.

Nevertheless Brown managed to grab his cellphone and dial 911, the New York Daily News reported.

Then Brown got his handgun and fired six shots toward the thief's truck, which was now pulling his camper, he said. All the shots missed the driver and the woman sitting next to him, the Daily News noted.

Image source: KHOU-TV Image source: KHOU-TV

"I'm sure they got surprised too, not knowing I was inside," Brown told KHOU. "When they started to pull off...I stuck around this way and tried to shoot it, at the truck, but the door was too wide."

Image source: KHOU-TV Image source: KHOU-TV

Brown told TheBlaze that after the driver made sharp, quick turns, he lost his gun across a road and almost went out the door himself. "He didn't know how many guns I had," Brown said, adding that that kind of doubt may have led the driver to try to "put me down."

Once on the road the truck and trailer traveled close to 100 mph, KHOU reported.  The Daily News reported that the truck's speed was 60 mph. The driver weaved the truck in an apparent attempt to throw Brown from his trailer, the Daily News added, citing Liberty County deputies.

More from the Daily News:

Brown desperately hung on while alongside the door, but managed to drop his cellphone.

Fortunately for him, deputies had already gathered enough information from him to catch up and give chase.

After what authorities say was a five-minute attempt to evade a pursuing deputy, the truck suddenly stopped and the driver leapt out of the vehicle and took off into the woods. A female who had been riding with him was detained.

Though the driver managed to escape, deputies say he won't get too far because he dropped his ID while fleeing on foot.

The woman who was in the pick-up truck was released and not charged after deputies determined that there was no direct evidence linking her to the crime.

[sharequote align="center"]"It would make a good scene for a movie."[/sharequote]

"It would make a good scene for a movie," Brown told TheBlaze of his late-night adventure, adding that law enforcement officers said they'd "never seen one like that."

Brown said he's doing OK except for some bruises on his arm and leg from being bounced around in his camper trailer.

"I'm in pretty good shape," he said. "I'm pretty healthy."

While Brown told KHOU he "could've easily been killed last night because they would kill me to keep me from talking..." he credited his doctorate in counseling for giving him the tools to remain calm during the ordeal.

Brown — who used to work for state Department of Criminal Justice and was a marriage counselor, KHOU reported — said that until he sells his business he's going right back to his trailer for overnight stays...much to the displeasure of his wife.

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