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Video: Incredible Crash Caught on Video That Has One Race Official Lucky to Be Alive

Image: YouTube

The first lap of the August 8 Sprint Car race at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, California, was almost the final lap for flagman Keith Trusso.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Trusso is shown waving the green flag to start the short track race. As he watched the action on the back stretch, the experienced flagman grabbed the yellow caution flag, preparing for the expected series of crashes so often seen at Sprint Car events.

Just seconds into the race, before the first lap was finished, several cars became entangled in a couple of crashes.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

At the twenty second mark of the race, a car driven by Scott Hall (the car identified by arrow on the left in the above photo) became airborne and was flying towards the cage holding Trusso and his flags.

Trusso ducks back as the car slams into the steel framing surrounding the flagman's platform. The car knocked the camera off its position before eventually coming to rest with its back end in the air.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

The unfazed flagman is then seen climbing out of his perch to join track officials who can be heard on the video checking on driver Scott Hall.

The race was temporarily halted to remove the crashed car.

Less than a minute after dodging death, Trusso is seen climbing back into his stand, grabbing a cigarette and refocusing the camera to capture the rest of the race.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

No one was injured in the crash and the race was eventually completed.

Watch the incredible footage:


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