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What Happened Moments After a Man Boarded a Shanghai Subway Had the Passengers Suddenly Fleeing


"As we know, there is an outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa..."

Surveillance footage from earlier this month shows a man board a Shanghai subway train before he passes out and sends an apparent crowd of Ebola-fearing passengers fleeing.

The August 9 video shows a western-looking man board the train, sit down and then collapse to the ground. Instead of the passengers assisting the man, they all flee in terror within seconds.

The Shanghai Metro, however, noted that some passengers did notify subway personnel about the incident, the BBC reported.

The Global Times’ Chinese Edition explained why the passengers may have reacted the way they did.

"As we know, there is an outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa, and the fainted man is a foreigner. Pursuing good things and avoiding danger is the basic instinct of all species, so fleeing is the first reflex action," an article in the paper said.

(H/T: Shanghaiist)

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