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This Internet Craze Has Gotten So Bad, New Jersey Issued a Statewide Warning

Image via WCAU-TV

It's like the "Ice Bucket Challenge" but reversed: fire instead of water, and no good cause behind it.

Teens across the country are partaking in the "Fire Challenge," WCAU-TV reported, and the dangerous trend is sending kids to the hospital.

It's even prompted a statewide warning from the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety.

What is the "Fire Challenge"?

Image via WCAU-TV Image via WCAU-TV

The trend involves putting rubbing alcohol or some other flammable liquid on your bare skin, and then setting yourself ablaze for the amusement of peers on the Internet.

It's already produced some devastating consequences.

As WCAU reported:

Derrick Robinson, an 11-year-old from the Miami-area, had to be hospitalized in a regional burn center after trying the challenge. He suffered burns to his torso, chest and shoulder and has to undergo weekly hospital visits as he heals.


In Arkansas, a 14-year-old girl suffered second degree burns to 27 percent of her body after pouring nail polish remover on her skin and igniting it.


A mother in Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested after police said she helped her 16-year-old son undertake the dangerous act.

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