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Three Women Allegedly Tried Stealing $16,000 in Watches, But It’s the Very Intimate Way They Attempted the Robbery That’s Making Headlines

Image source: Las Vegas Police Department via KVVU-TV

Las Vegas police say three women got two men drunk and then attempted to smuggle approximately $16,000 in hand watches out of their hotel by inserting the stolen property into their vaginas.

According to documents, Bryanna Warren, 23, Trinity Kennard, 23, and Charmella Triggs were arrested on August 17 for burglary and conspiracy to commit grand larceny, KVVU-TV reported.

Image source: Las Vegas Police Department via KVVU-TV Image source: Las Vegas Police Department via KVVU-TV

The arrest report said that Warren and Triggs employed their flirting skills to gain access to the hotel room where they later invited Kennard to join, according to KVVU.

After some time had passed, one of the women undressed one of the men and performed a sexual act on him. During the act, he took off his $12,000 Rolex watch. Simultaneously, another one of the women started getting physical with the other man. He too took off his Rolex watch, valued at $4,000.

Things changed, however, when one of the men noticed that his watch was gone. The women then bolted for the elevator, threatening to use a taser on one of the men who followed.

Surveillance video captured them inside the elevator squatting and inserting the watches into their vaginas, KVVU reported.

The three were later apprehended by police and booked. One of the women gave up the watch at the hotel, while another only did so after a strip search at the Clark County Dention Center, according to KVVU.

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