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Mysterious Experiences Lead Terrified Woman to Abruptly Vacate Home — and the Horrific History of Its Previous Owners Didn't Help


"I hear people crying when I'm showering."

A woman who claims to have experienced mysterious events inside her rental home has abruptly moved out after learning the disturbing history surrounding the previous owners.

"I was happy. The house is beautiful. It was nice," Joanna Aeosana told KUTV-TV. "I was just excited about it."

But then she says strange occurrences began unfolding during her two-month residence in the West Valley City, Utah, house, including the garage door opening on its own and her 1-year-old child purportedly talking to someone — or something — she couldn't see.

"He was looking at the swing and he was like, 'No, leave me alone," Aeosana said, claiming that she, too, has experienced some oddities. "I hear people crying when I'm showering."

After the bizarre events reportedly continued, she said a neighbor dropped a bombshell on her: the home was previously owned by a couple named Josh and Susan Powell.

Susan Powell mysteriously disappeared nearly five years ago, with her husband — the only person of interest in the case — later killing the couple's two young boys. The missing wife was last seen inside the home on December 6, 2009, according to KUTV-TV.

But that's not the end of the troubling tale.

Amid an investigation in 2012, Josh Powell, 36, attempted to kill his sons — Charles, 7, and Braden, 5 — with a hatchet inside a home in Washington state, before igniting an explosion that killed the boys and him, ABC News reported at the time.

Aeosana said she was told none of these details by the leasing company before signing for the family's home in Utah. While there is no legal requirement in the state that this information be divulged, she said informing her would have been the right thing to do.

Despite the refusal of the leasing company — American Homes 4 Rent — to let her out of the agreement, Aeosana and her family have vacated the home.

"I believe they should have … told me," she said. "I just don't want to be in there."

The families of both Josh and Susan Powell have been locked in a legal battle over insurance funds and ownership of the house, with the latest legal victory going to Susan's parents.


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