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CNN: Radical Islamist Turned CIA Double Agent Is Revealing Some of His Biggest Secrets


"That's when I stopped being a Muslim in my heart -- in my belief."

Source: CNN

Morten Storm, an alleged radical Islamist turned double agent for the CIA, is claiming he lived a “schizophrenic lifestyle” for years as he worked to maintain the trust of senior al Qaeda leaders while also juggling different names and personalities to maintain his cover. His true identity had been kept completely under wraps — until now.

Storm is revealing some of his biggest life secrets in a special CNN series titled, “Double Agent: Inside al Qaeda for the CIA.” The alleged spy’s new book, “Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA,” was also co-authored by CNN staffers.

For about five years, Storm “moved back and forth between two worlds and two identities -- when one misplaced sentence could have cost me my life," he writes in his book. He also had to be ready to seamlessly navigate through “atheism and hardline Islam, English and Arabic," according to his account.

"I had these different names. I had different personalities. I was Morten Storm, Murad Storm, Abu Osama, Abu Mujahid,” Storm said.

Source: CNN Source: CNN

The man’s life changed forever after he found what he thought was “the truth” at the time. He discovered a book on the life of the Prophet Mohammed and went to Yemen to learn Arabic and a “strict uncompromising interpretation of Islam,” CNN reports.

He would later name his son after Osama bin Laden.

Storm also reportedly crossed paths with infamous Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Danish journalist Nagieb Khaja told CNN that it was al-Awlaki who had to tell Storm to “chill out” because his ideas were too extreme.

It wasn’t until he became “deeply disappointed and devastated” that his planned trip to join jihadists in Somalia was cancelled that he began to explore his doubts about radical Islam. He revealed that he began by conducting an Internet search to explore some of the “contradictions in the Quran.”

"It took some time to research them,” Storm said, “but once I concluded that they were genuinely contradictions, that's when it wiped totally away my faith.”

“That's when I stopped being a Muslim in my heart -- in my belief,” he added.

A short time later, Storm says he contacted Danish intelligence agents about helping fight the war on terror — and agents were happy to have his assistance. He claims he later began working with the CIA after the agency learned that he had switched sides.

It should be noted that the CIA refused on comment on Storm’s claims and officials in Denmark wouldn’t confirm his story.

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CNN's special on Storm's story airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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