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Best-Selling Author Brad Thor Announces Major Plans to Turn Hollywood as You Know It 'Upside Down


"This is not a Brad Thor vanity project."

With plenty of funding already in place, Resurgent Film Group announced its formation on Tuesday along with plans to produce a movie version of best-selling author Brad Thor’s “The Lions of Lucerne.”

Lions of Lucerne Brad Thor

Thor, the executive chairman of the new media company, told TheBlaze that Resurgent will “set the new gold standard in the entertainment industry” as the old Hollywood model is no longer working for the consumer.

Thor isn’t the only notable name behind Resurgent. Des Carey, named in 2012 as one of the “Hollywood 50,” is president of the company; Brent Baum, previous president of Destination Films, is chief operating officer; and actor Matthew Mardsen, whose credits include “Black Hawk Down” and “Rambo,” is executive vice president of development.

The company’s first project will bring Thor’s “The Lions of Lucerne” to the big screen in what will likely be the first of many films in a new movie franchise featuring Scot Harvath, a main character in nearly all of Thor’s action-thrillers. Here’s a brief summary of “The Lions of Lucerne” via Variety:

“The Lions of Lucerene” follows Scot Harvath, a young Navy SEAL turned U.S. Secret Service agent who survives an attack, which leaves 30 of his fellow agents dead and the president of the United States kidnapped. He begins a worldwide hunt for those responsible in an attempt to rescue the president.

The movie will have a budget of up to $70 million and is reportedly scheduled to shoot on location in Switzerland in the fall of 2015.

Thor said he is currently unable to reveal who is on the “shortlist” to play Harvath, which he called a “once-in-a-lifetime” role in a potential film franchise similar to -- but better than -- the James Bond series.

Resurgent will attempt to turn Hollywood “upside down,” taking on only quality projects and working with the best in the industry. Too many times, Thor said, Hollywood caters to the "lowest common denominator" and fails to respect moviegoers' most valuable commodity -- their time.

“This is not a Brad Thor vanity project,” Thor told TheBlaze. “Going to the movies should be the most democratic process there is — it used to be that way in this country. Our guiding principle is: respect the audience, respect their time, respect their money, and eventually you will earn their loyalty.”

"This is the gold standard and we are setting it," he added.

For more information on Resurgent, click here.

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