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One Look at the Back of His Truck and You'll Probably See Why the Cop Pulled Him Over


"I'm not trying to be a d**k here..."

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Police abuse is in the eye of the beholder, it seems.

In a video posted to YouTube by Raymond Morgan back in January, a man berates a New Jersey police officer, yelling, "I'm not trying to be a d**k here," as he argues that he should not have been pulled over.

The video description labels what the cop did an "abuse of power" and "clearly wrong," calling for YouTube to make the video "go viral."

Now it is going viral...and backfiring on the man who got pulled over.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

Of the 1,400 votes on the video on YouTube as of Saturday morning, only 101 of them were positive, while over on Reddit hundreds of commenters are amusedly noting the obvious: The cop remains calm during the encounter, and the man yelling at him doesn't seem to be justified.

In the video, the cop explains that the passenger wasn't wearing his seatbelt properly, that he saw the driver flicking ashes out of his truck and, most importantly, that the driver's rear view was obstructed by the load he was carrying.

"There is nothing hanging out of that!" the man shouts, taking the camera around the back of the truck. "There is nothing wrong with that!"

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

"As soon as I saw the mountain of s**t in the back of the truck I lost it," one commenter wrote on Reddit. "What a dumba**!! That looks so unstable."

Watch the video and decide for yourself whether the police officer or the driver was in the wrong.

(Content warning: strong language)

Despite being originally posted back in January, the video was still gathering viral steam on Saturday.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

TheBlaze was not immediately able to ascertain whether the man had successfully argued against his tickets in New Jersey court.

This story has been updated to include a poll.

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