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Prosecutor Cleared of Wrongdoing After Using 'Poor Choice of Words' on Facebook


He needed "sensitivity training."

Florida Supreme Court (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

An internal investigation has cleared a Florida prosecutor of any legal wrongdoing following the controversial Facebook post he wrote earlier this year.

"After reviewing all of the available documentation, I have concluded that there is no evidence to suggest that Mr. Lewis' stated opinions on Facebook have impacted the handling of resolution of his cases or his ability to justly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of those matters assigned to him," Chief Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick wrote in a letter to State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton. 

The prosecutor who was in question, Assistant State Attorney Ken Lewis, wrote on his personal Facebook page May 11:

Kenneth Lewis Facebook Status Image source: News 13 Orlando

Lewis was demoted once others discovered the post. He was also required to undergo "sensitivity training." He later apologized for his "poor choice of words," saying he didn't think the public would be able to see the post because of his "friends only" status setting.

"I used a poor choice of words in using the term crack hoe, instead of drug addict but my message is the same and I regret that it was misinterpreted by some to those I unintentionally offended, I offer you my deepest apologies,"  Lewis said May 22, local media reported.

Kenneth Lewis (Image source: WFTV-TV) Kenneth Lewis (Image source: WFTV-TV)

(H/T: News 13 Orlando)

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